Governance Team
Mr Ian Chadwick Co-Chair of Governors
Mrs Belinda Hancock Co-Chair of Governors
Mrs Ina-Maria Bamford Deputy Chair of Governors
Mr Sven Bassett Governor
Mrs Nerys Blower Governor
Mrs Susan Cantello Governor
Ms Angie Stevens Head of School
Ms Andrea Muxworthy Head of School
Mrs Lorna Richardson Executive Headteacher

Welcome to the School Governing Body.

Governors are a voluntary body of people who guide and support the strategic direction of the school. They are members of the school team and their contribution to running of the school is highly valued.

The governing body cover two primary schools:

  • Sandford Primary School (a Community School)
  • Winscombe Primary School (a Community School)

The Governance Board has the following core strategic functions:

Establishing the strategic direction by:

  • Setting and ensuring clarity of vision, values and objectives for the schools
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
  • Meeting statutory duties
  • Ensuring accountability by:
  • Appointing the executive headteacher
  • Monitoring the educational performance of the schools and progress towards agreed target
  • Performance managing the executive headteacher
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Contributing to school self-evaluation
  • Overseeing financial performance
  • Setting the budget
  • Monitoring spending against the budget
  • Ensuring money is well spent and value for money is obtained
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed

The Co-Chairs of our Governing Body are Mrs Belinda Hancock and Mr Ian Chadwick.

To contact our Co-Chair of Governors, please contact the Clerk to the Governors (Dinah Hill-Adams) via

  • Governor Business and Financial Interests (2023-24)