At Sandford, History is not only facts and dates, but a way of encouraging our pupils to become historians who explore the past like detectives and learn from our ancestors. We want our pupils to leave with a sense of who we are and why we are the we are as a nation, particularly a British nation.

Our curriculum is shaped around key concepts, and gives our pupils a chance to explore a wide range of sources from which the past can come alive. Pupils will compare and contrast, examine how and why things have changed, learn about historical characters and expand their research skills. We teach children to be open minded, respectful and enquiring thinkers who understand cause and effect. We want them to understand how people have lived in the past and compare this to modern life.

We encourage first-hand experiences through handling real artefacts and wherever possible arranging field work visits to relevant sites of historical interest in our locality (Strawberry Line, Bristol & the Slave Trade, Weston Super Mare’s Victorian History) or bringing in specialists for in-school workshops.

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